Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Olivia Block's Chicago

Check out this great article at by our friend Olivia Block

[Excerpt about ESS]
ESS is a non-profit organization run by artist Lou Mallozzi, one of the most prolific curators of experimental music and sound art in the city. The ESS space, located in Edgewater, has a recording studio/performance space, and a one-room gallery featuring visual and sound installations. The Outer Ear festival, hosted by ESS, brings in international artists to present work in the space. Much like Lampo, the Outer Ear fest often works with the School of the Art Institute in bringing the artists to Chicago. I record and rehearse a lot in the ESS studio, using the piano to test sound preparations. The room sounds beautiful for acoustic instruments. I recently had a recording session at ESS where all I did was drop handfuls of beans over and over on a bass drum, and I didn’t have to explain to anyone why I wanted to do that. ESS recently hosted an event called Vinsonic, where electronic music pieces were paired with wines in a tasting/listening combination.

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