Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sept. 26: Lawrence English and David Daniell at ESS

There is going to be a very special performance on Sunday Sept. 26 at ESS. Lawrence English will be coming all the way from Brisbane Australia and performing here as part of a six stop American tour. Lawrence is known as curator of the Room 40 label and as an artist who has recorded for labels like Touch and 12k. As Tokafi put it in a prelude to this interview:
Not content with merely being regarded as one Sound Art's hardest working acts, not remotely satisfied with running the Room40 imprint as well as its more pop-oriented sister Someone Good and not even happy with curating and organising a plethora of concerts and art events all across Australasia, English has set out to tour the planet in search of stimulating new sounds and embarked on a mission to allow audiences to participate in his auditory excursions. From a musical perspective, there is a clear correlation between his studio output, his live performances and his travels. As he points out in our interview, which took a full year to realise, the different places he visits feed back directly into his work, yielding both timbral inspiration and philosophical ideas for long-term, process-oriented projects.
Lawrence most recently went to Antarctica to do field recording. I wonder if there is any chance he'll share some of those sounds on the 26th.
Savvy Chicagoans ought to be aware of the work guitarist David Daniell has been doing. Just the other week he was playing in a trio with Rhys Chatham at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Thrill Jockey has released a trio recording David completed with Christian Fennesz and Tony Buck and a duo recording with Doug McCombs. Very few musicians can release that much music and maintain the level of quality that David has. The show, in the confines of Studio A, will be one to remember.
Lawrence English photo courtesy of tokafi. David Daniell photo courtesy of Front Porch Productions.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Michael Zerang

Gapers Block has published a thorough interview with Chicago percussionist Michael Zerang.
Michael will be curating an upcoming series of Saturday night performances at Studio A at ESS. Anyone who remembers Michael's concert series at The Candlestick Maker in Albany Park (much less the Solstice Concert Series with Hamid Darke or Michael's work at Links Hall way back when) will be looking forward to this new series as much as I am. Keep an eye on this space for more details as shows are announced.